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Athletic Director

We train, empower and inspire PEOPLE. We coach with PURPOSE and instill that every life is designed for a PURPOSE. We share our PASSION of the game and life and bring out that PASSION in every athlete. PVA is COMMITTED to the development, growth and maturity of players in the sport of volleyball and in life. Our goal is to make sure that athletes aspire to the levels of skill and competition that they are fully capable of reaching whether it be Junior, Varsity or a Collegiate experience. Our goal is not only to excel our players in the field of volleyball but also to help them aspire to their full potential in their lives as well.

A Message From the
Recruitment Coordinator

One of our objectives at Power Volleyball Academy is to assist and aid our players to be well informed about the College Recruiting process to earn volleyball scholarships.

In the past five years PVA has had 100% our Seniors receive offers to play at the next level.

If you are a college / university recruiter and would like more information on our program or any of our athletes please feel free to contact me. You can also find our athletes digital profiles below.

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